We don’t just consider ourselves your attorney; we are your ally and your teammate.  We are here to serve your practice and make sure that it is protected and prepared for whatever may come up.  


As the outside counsel for our clients, we are here to assist when legal issues arise, of course.  We pride ourselves though on  taking a proactive approach to representing our clients, working to be a resource, ready to consult and prevent issues and lawsuits before they ever occur.



Healthcare and Mental Health Law

Mental health providers need to have protocols, systems, procedures, and even  contracts in place to prevent legal pitfalls and ensure compliance.

From refining client intake forms to policies and procedures,  Mayer Law can guide your practice through helping as many patients as possible while avoiding legal complications and costly issues.


Outside counsel

Healthcare and mental health are heavily regulated fields; thus compliance  is a major concern for practitioners.

Having an outside counsel allows your practice to take advantage of all the services that an in-house counsel would provide without the cost of employing an attorney in-house.

We are here to help your practice flourish  while staying protected.


Business Law

If you are preparing to start your own healthcare or mental health practice, Mayer Law can assist with your formation, and all the legal documents that starting a business entails.

Or if you have a practice, we know that sometimes it can be challenging and we can guide you through planning for bumps in the road  so you can  continue growing your practice.



Psychiatric Emergencies

Do you need representation in a psychiatric emergency? Treating mental illness is complex, and you deserve experienced legal representation.

Mayer Law works with families and individuals who are potentially facing involuntary commitment, in addition to representing them at any hearings. We work together with our clients and their healthcare practitioners to find the best outcome possible for those in crisis.